Camping Kit for Two

This kit includes all the gear two people will need to experience an amazing camping adventure. For a low rental fee, you will receive the following gear:

2 Person Tent
2 Self Inflating Long Insulated Mattress
2 Inflatable Pillows
2 30 Degree Long Sleeping Bags
1 7-Gallon Water Container
2 Camping Chairs
1 Rechargeable Lantern
2 Headlamps
2 Tableware Set
2 Folding Tables
1 2-Burner Cooking Stove
1 Cookware Set*
1 Kitchen Utensils Kit**
1 Collapsible Bowl
1 Collapsible Sink
1 6-Cup Moka Pot
1 1.1-Quart Vacuum Bottle
1 60-Quart Cooler
1 Folding Shovel
1 Rugged Axe

* Cookware Set includes a 1.75 L heat exchange pot with measurements (ml and oz), a non-stick coated 1.7 L pot with measurements, and a frying pan that can also be used as a lid.

** Kitchen Utensils Kit includes a folding spoon, a folding spatula, a folding grater, a flexible cutting board, a 7″ santoku knife, an aluminum pot lifter, a tea strainer, folding sporks, and a salt & pepper shaker.